How may I take your order?

For this assignment (1.5 stars), we had to create a McDonalds order and make it picky! This was funny to make, and also took some creativity. My friends and I always love a good trip to McDonalds so this assignment was right up my alley. I had my roommate voice the McDonalds worker, and I did the person ordering. In the case, the person happened to be my character Agnus! She was ordering for her and her friends. I tried to make it a little more interesting that just a normal recording by adding some music trying to make it seem like thats what we were listening to, and then adding the sound of my car breaking. I wasn’t all that impressed with those aspects and couldn’t really get them to mesh right but oh well! I used audacity to create this, and youtube to download the sounds. I had fun completing this assignment, and got a good laugh out of it with my friends.

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