Burger Night

Well now that the murder of Johnny in our town has been resolved and life has started to get back to normal, Tumbleweed Saloon has opened back up for business and I (Agnus) start working again tomorrow. Before I started back up I wanted to have dinner with my good friend Talie to catch up and see how she was doing, so we attended burger night at Tumbleweed Saloon. The saloon is known for their burgers. I had the tumbleweed burger, which has onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato, cheese, chipotle mayonnaise and an over medium egg. This is their home style burger and most popular and also happens to be my favorite. Talie ordered the BBQ burger which comes with fried onions, cheese, lettuce, pickles, and barbeque sauce. Both burgers come with a side of fries, which are to die for. Tumbleweed Saloon has some of the best burgers in town so I knew it wouldn’t disappoint.

For this assignment we had to describe our meal instead of posting a picture on instagram, which seems to be the fad today. We also needed to integrate our characters so I chose to describe Talie & Agnus’ dinner one night at the saloon. This assignment wasn’t too bad, just trying to find the right character and coming up with what to say was the tricky part. This writing assignment was worth 4.5 stars.

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