Home away from home

Freshman move in day is all a blur, its crazy to think it was just 3 years ago! I remember that it was pouring (Fun fact: it has rained every year on my move in day), and my box fan was outside the car on the trailer hitch and it got ruined on the trip here so that was a bummer. We got to Fredericksburg after a 3 hour haul from home and I walk into my room and took it all in. This was my new home for the next year and I was so excited.  We started to unload everything but about half way through it was time to go to my team meeting. Being a fall sport athlete, I had to move in early because we started practice so not only was that move in day but it was also my first day of practice ever! You can imagine how nervous I was. My parents stayed back and worked on my room while I went to my team meeting, went through concussion testing and then lifting. That night we had our run tests and I didn’t have any idea what to expect so I was freaking out. The day went by fast, my parents said their goodbyes and I was headed to practice. I ran a whole lot, my nerves went away and next thing I knew I was in bed ready to wake up at 5am the next morning. Being a senior and looking back on move in day I would do anything to go back and do it all again. So happy that Fredericksburg has been my home away from home the past 3+ years!


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