Future ds106 students:

To all future ds106 students:


  1. Don’t let people scare you away by saying that its too much work because in reality its not. Its the same amount of work you would have if you took a MWF class, expect it’s all just due on one day. With that being said..
  2. Don’t wait till Friday to complete all your assignments for the week. Make it your goal to do a little ds106 work everyday and it will seem like nothing by the time Friday roles around
  3. Comment a lot, its part of your grade. Try to make at least one or two comments a day to keep up with participation.
  4. Don’t wait until the end of the week to do your daily creates, keep twitter on your phone and just check it everyday and do the ones you actually want to do!!
  5. Create assignments in the assignment bank. You will be given lots of assignments to do, you don’t like any of the ones there? Create your own. Thats the beauty of this class.
  6. Be Creative
  7. Have fun
  8. And, save all your passwords on your computer. Makes it a lot easier when signing into a thousand different sites!

Overall, I highly recommend this class for anyone who enjoys computers, and doing work from their bed.

Our Last Rodeo

For the final project I decided to collaborate with Carlee and we planned a road trip cross country for after graduation! The four types of assignments that we used were design, audio, video and web. I really enjoyed doing this as my last assignment and had so much fun creating all these assignments to go along with our story! ________________________________________________________


This is our last rodeo as ds106 students! The only way we could picture ending is with a road trip to all the places we’ve ever wanted to visit! We have been planning this trip for awhile now using Pinterest, check out our board!


Watch this short video that we created for everyone to see all the places we plan to go.


Here is a map of where we plan to go as well, of course there are many more stops than listed but this is just a general course we want to take.


We are going to start driving bright and early in a rental car from Fredericksburg to Nashville, TN. Along the way we play to see skyline drive and stop for a late lunch in Knoxville, TN which is about 2 hours outside Nashville. Once in Nashville we are going to check into our hotel and then get ready for the Carrie Underwood concert that night.  The next morning we are going to wake up and visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry, as well as explore the city. After a few days there, we will then head to New Orleans where we don’t have set places to visit but I am sure it won’t be hard to fine something to do on Bourbon Street. After some time in New Orleans we are going to fly out to Vegas where we plan to meet Bonnie Sue & Agnus! They just got home for the summer from their first year at UMW and we thought it be so much fun to hang out with them! We gave them a quick call last week, and they seemed all on our board. You can listen to that here!

Here is my plane ticket as well so that we can fly to Vegas, this saves us a lot of driving time so we can do more of the things we want to do!


Once we get to Vegas and meet up with Bonnie Sue & Agnus, I am sure we will hit the casinos and do lots of gambling. After some time there we will drive to San Diego, CA and then drive up the coast of California. Some of the places we want to stop at include LA, Hollywood, San Fransisco and Laguna Beach. We are going to keep driving all the way up the coast until we hit Seattle. I am excited to see all the things we will find and explore on our way there! We are going to spend a few nights in Seattle before hopping back on a plane and going to South Dakota. Bonnie Sue and Agnus are going to head home from Seattle so we will say our good-byes as well!


Once we land in South Dakota, we want to visit Mt. Rushmore and do lots of hiking and camping for a couple days. It’ll be a nice get away from all the traveling and city life. After so much needed relaxation, we will then start our drive home and stop at a few places like Chicago (can’t wait to try a famous hotdog from Portillos) and Boston before making the home stretch back to Fredericksburg.

I am so excited to start our journey across the country, see Bonnie Sue & Agnus and for all the adventure we are going to find along the way!

∼ Life is a Highway

Were going on a trip!

Carlee and I have decided to incorporate our characters for this project. At first we couldn’t think of anything to do but after looking at other assignments we came up with the idea to do a cross country road trip. Our road trip will of course start in Fredericksburg, where both our characters are attending school. So far we know we are going to use web as one form of media as well as video and audio. For the fourth one, we are still deciding which one to use. We plan to use google maps to course out are road trip and then create a video with voiceovers describing all the places we plan to visit and why. Cant wait to see all the adventures Bonnie Sue and Agnus go on in this roadtrip!

Week Thirteen: 4/15/16

This week we worked with web storytelling. When I first read the assignments for this week I was not looking forward to it because they all sounded really hard and I wasn’t sure I could do them. To much surprise, they ended up not being that hard and actually fun to complete. I think my favorite assignment this week we had to complete was the storytelling within the web in which I added my name to the USAFH Olympic Team roster. I also completed 10 stars worth of other assignments that involved storytelling!

Life is a Highway

Which Chrisley are you?

Dream Room

In addition to the assignments, we needed to connect our 3 daily creates into a single story which you can find here!

I can’t believe my journey with ds106 is coming to an end but I am excited to start the final project and have already been brainstorming!

George & Martha

For this weeks set of daily creates we had to incorporate them somehow into one story. I kept this in mind as I was completing them and came up with a short story!

It was the day after George & Martha’s wedding, and they woke up at sunrise to head to the airport. They were going on their honeymoon! They wanted to travel somewhere remote to stay away from all the people so they found a island off of Fiji called Ofu-Olosega and it was so beautiful. While there, George found a special tree that only had one flower left on it. He decided to take the flower off, and bring it to Martha. He told her the flower was beautiful like her, and they lived happily ever after.

Rio Olympics Here I come

This week, we were required to do the assignment, Storytelling Within the Web. When I first read through this assignment I was so confused and lost at what I had to do so I put it off for the last thing to complete this week. I went ahead and downloaded the X-ray Goggles to my computer and then started to think about what website I wanted to change. I ended up deciding to add myself to the USA women’s national field hockey team roster who will be competing this summer in the Rio Olympics. To my surprise, it was a lot easier to use the X-ray than I thought and I had a lot of fun with this. The only problem that I ran into was that safari would not let me create an account so I had to download google chrome to my computer and then try to use the goggles through that browser. It ended up working and I was able to create an account so that I could publish the link to my page. Check out my name on the roster here!

Below are the screenshots from the webpage. The first one is the original roster, and the second is the one I remixed. I tried to add my picture as well but I couldn’t quite figure that out so I just stuck with the USAFH symbol. I really enjoyed this assignment and plan to keep X-ray Goggles on my computer to use on other sites!

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.01.53 PM