How may I take your order?

For this assignment (1.5 stars), we had to create a McDonalds order and make it picky! This was funny to make, and also took some creativity. My friends and I always love a good trip to McDonalds so this assignment was right up my alley. I had my roommate voice the McDonalds worker, and I did the person ordering. In the case, the person happened to be my character Agnus! She was ordering for her and her friends. I tried to make it a little more interesting that just a normal recording by adding some music trying to make it seem like thats what we were listening to, and then adding the sound of my car breaking. I wasn’t all that impressed with those aspects and couldn’t really get them to mesh right but oh well! I used audacity to create this, and youtube to download the sounds. I had fun completing this assignment, and got a good laugh out of it with my friends.

911, what’s your emergency?

For this assignment, we had to create a 911 call and we were also for the week required to do 5 stars of assignments involving our characters so I decided to do a 911 call from Agnus. It was about a car accident that happened outside her house just outside the town of Tombstone, AZ. I had my roommate speak and be the 911 dispatcher and then I staged as Agnus. I added like a radio static noise in the background so it sounded kind of life like. I did this all through Audacity and then uploaded it to Soundcloud. It was a pretty fun assignment to complete and worth a total 4.5 stars, which I agree with because you had to get someone else to help as well as make it sound like a real 911 call.

Beer & Burger Mondays!

For this assignment, we had to create a commercial for a business or product. I decided to create one for the saloon that is in our radio show and promote burger night on Monday’s! In order to complete the assignment, I used Audacity and youtube. I downloaded the background music from youtube and then imported that to Audacity. I then recorded what I was going to say, that was the hardest part! Just trying to come up with what I wanted to say. After all that, I uploaded the file to Soundcloud! This assignment was worth 4 stars towards our 10 total for this week. Keep a look out for this in our radio show coming soon!

Drops of T.Swift

This assignment was so fun to do, and gave my friends and I all a good laugh. I chose to do the lyrics from the song Drops of Jupiter, and then picked Blank Space by Taylor Swift for the background music. I sound pretty horrible and would catch myself wanting to sing. I created this through audacity and just did the voice recording then imported the music and turned down the volume on it a little. This was my second audio assignment to complete 8 stars for this week!

Agnus heads to work

I just finished completing the Sound Effects Story assignment, and wow was that frustrating! I could not figure out how to layer files in Audacity, so after 30 minutes of trying on my own I finally decided to look for help on the ds106 page and lone behold there was a video on how to layer it. Once I figured this out, it was fairly easy. I downloaded all my sounds from and then just imported them into Audacity. The five sounds I chose were 1) dogs barking 2) gun shots 3) a horse galloping 4) opening a door and 5) people talking. I actually asked my roommate to listen and tell me if she had any idea what the story was supposed to be and she said “someone riding a horse to a saloon?”. She was right, this was Agnus’s ride to work earlier today. She left her house and saw her brother and father outside shooting in the backyard, as she was leaving the dogs were barking and the horse galloped off into town. Once she got into town, she got off her horse and tied her up and then opened the door to the saloon to all the chatter and started her shift for the night!

See y’all again

One of the assignments we were required to complete this week was the Rooty Tooty Speech of the West. I decided to pick a chorus of a very popular song, See you again by Wiz Khalifa, and change it up with some western lingo. I used the suggested website that was attached to translate some of the words. I had a hard time going through and find words that would fit in with these lyrics and some of them just didn’t sound like it fit. Listening back this definitely sounds weird but I guess this is what it would sound like to rap back in the western days! This was a pretty fun assignment and I liked that I chose lyrics that everyone knows.