Group Update

Just an update on my groups video project! Right now, we should all be working on our individual Vlog posts and doing all the editing. Our plan is for each of ours to be about 5 minutes long. I did some filming today, and will finish up tomorrow. I keep getting weird looks as I walk around campus and people are staring at me while I film myself! I plan to have all the editing done by tomorrow  night (Wednesday) and sent off to Tierra and Lindsey who plan to meet on Thursday and put all whole video together.

I am having fun filming and think this is really going to turn out well!

College is a Rodeo

At the start of the week I was going to just go ahead and do the video assignments because I had so much going on that I didn’t think I would have time for a group project but after Tierra reached out through email, and all our success with the radio show I decided to go ahead and do the group project. We quickly formed a group of Carlee, Tierra, Lindsey and I and started brainstorming right away. We came up with the idea to create a Vlog series. For those who don’t know what a Vlog is, it is basically a short video of documentation of your personal life. In order to involve our characters and the lovely UMW which we all attend, we came up with the idea that our characters all just moved to Fredericksburg, VA and will be attending UMW! We plan to all just act as our characters and each of us are going to record a 5 minute clip of what our characters do at UMW. For my character, Agnus, she is going to be a field hockey player here at UMW as well as a psychology major. Check out my trailer posted above to here a little more about our Vlog titled, College is a Rodeo! I won’t spoil the rest, you will have to stay tuned to watch our Vlog being posted next week!

** In order to create my trailer I just used Photo Booth and inserted a picture of UMW in the background so it looked like Agnus was taking this video right on campus!

My kind of essay

I really enjoyed completing this assignment. When I first saw essay, I dreaded the thought of having to write an actual essay but once I saw the actual assignment I was excited to complete it! I chose to analyze a scene in Django Unchained that had the shot-reverse shot effect, the ensemble staging effect and lots of movement. To complete this assignment, I went through and read Robert Ebert’s article and watch all of Tony Zhou’s short series videos. I took some notes from these and tried to narrow down what I was looking for in a scene. I then went on to watch Django Unchained on Netflix and decided that this scene had a lot of what I was looking for and wouldn’t be too difficult to analyze. After a lot of searching, I found the scene on Youtube and downloaded it to my computer and then imported into iMovie. This was my first time actually using iMovie but I got the hang of it pretty quick and had fun creating the voiceovers and the full analysis. After I was done, I went ahead an uploaded it right to Youtube! Like I said in my title, this is my kind of essay!

Tuning in….

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure to listen to World Wide Western news on ds106 radio. I was impressed with the radio show and enjoyed hearing how this group decided to carry out their project. I like the idea that they did a news show, it was unique and different. They made sure to include all parts involved in a news show, which was important for it to sound real. The start of the show really set the tone, it sounded like a real news cast that you would watch on TV. The beginning was definitely my favorite part. They did a great job with the music and sound effects throughout the whole show. Not only was their show well executed, but they had really good bumpers and commercials.  There was one commercial that was similar to a commercial on television so it sounded very real, that was cool. I was very pleased with this show and shoutout to the group who worked so hard on it!

Turning Tumbleweeds pt. 2

So for this week we already had our script planned out and just needed to do the recordings. The Friday before spring break, Lindsay created a general plot so that we could all follow along since we were recording separately. From there on, we set a due date of Wednesday for everyone to put in their recordings about the murder that took place in Tumbleweed Saloon. Carlee and I weren’t able to record our parts until everyone got theirs in because we needed  to hear what they said since we were kind of narrating the story. Both of our characters husbands are sheriffs so we decided to record together to make it go more smoothly. Once everyone got their clips in, Carlee and I  recorded ours and then just pieced the show together using Audacity which I will talk about more in my weekly summary!

Turning Tumbleweeds

So far, my groups project has been going great! I am apart of the group, The Gals of the West, and we decided to do a western murder mystery called Turning Tumbleweeds. At first we were torn between either doing one big plot revolving around one murder and then having each character talk about their point of view of the murder OR we were thinking of doing a bunch of small murder mysteries that involved each one of our characters. After some discussion we decided to go with the one plot and plan to have each character talk about their relationship/ what they think happened with the murder. The murder is going to be of a bartender that works in the saloon Tumbleweed in the town of Tombstone, AZ and each of our characters will have some sort of relationship. We are working on a plot, and as of right now have the plan of the sheriffs wife in the town (there are two) open up and close the show and then have all the other characters go in between. It was too hard to try and meet all together so by Friday night we plan to have the plot all written out and then everyone can go and record their parts. Our show will start with introductions of each character so people know whose speaking and what not, and as for the bumpers and commercials we all basically did  one so we have a lot to choose from there! Everyone is going to send their audio files to Carlee and I and we will go ahead and put the show together using Audacity. It looks like all there really is left to do for our project is just the recording of it so it seems we are off to the right track! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

Design Poster

Here is my radio show poster that I designed for our groups show! It was fairly simple to make once I found the right background that I wanted to use. I used the website to create this and started a new project. I chose my background from google, and then chose the font. I liked this font because I felt like it looked western. I also chose to go with the black and white theme since our show revolves around a murder in the town of Tombstone, AZ. Its very simple  but that was the look I was going for!

Color, Dominance, Rhythm & Typography

Completing the design blitz assignment was fun, it was similar to the photoblitz assignment but required a lot more thinking. You don’t really think of all the elements that go into something until you are asked to complete an assignment like this so it was interesting to see all the different things I found in every day items. The four design elements I chose to focus on were Color, Dominance, Rhythm and Typography. This assignment was harder than I expected and I had trouble thinking of things throughout the week that would fit these elements but am happy with what I came up with at the end of it all.



The first element I chose to capture was color. In Vignelli’s Canon he talks about color and how most designs portray the main primary colors, red, yellow and blue because designs need color that portray a certain message. He talks about how color can be used as a symbol more than just a color which is why I chose to take a picture of a stop sign and street sign. Red is a color that is symbolized to mean stop, whether it be on a stop sign, do not enter sign or at a stop light. I think that not only have we as a culture associated red with that meaning, but also the color stands out. What’s also interesting about this picture is the street signs. Green has become the universal color for directional signs whether that be a street sign or a sign on the interstate telling you how many miles you have left to go. I find it interesting that there is more to color than meets the eye.


Dominance refers to the focal point of the piece and what stands out to most. This is a sign that is hanging in my bathroom and when you first look at it the word awesomstands out. This is because the designer of this piece of art made all the letters gray and then the letters of awesome colorful. In doing so, the designer has created some sort of contrast and in order to have dominance you must have contrast.



When going to UMW, its hard not to see brick at least 15x a day. So when thinking of something to portray rhythm I thought of the pattern made by brick. Rhythm means to have consistency and repetition across a design and I think that bricks really portray this because most all look something along these lines.



I wasn’t originally going to look for the element typography, but I saw this poster that was made and decided to do it. Someone created this graphic design for the past fall season and I think did a good job choosing the correct typography. Its important when choosing this that you choose something that is appealing and readable for all to understand. The designer of this piece did a good job of that but also did a good job of choosing the right font for the scene.

Western Design

When people think western, there is usually a set depiction in their head of what that is from what they have seen and learned over the years. When I think of western design I think  cowboys, black & white and thick bold fonts. These things are all shown across different types of western design. Like Vignelli discusses, a lot of the colors for western if they aren’t black and white stick to the typical primary colors red, blue and yellow. When looking through the list of movies, and art most of the colors that stood out and that I noticed was red and yellow. Typography among western design is also very similar. Most use similar fonts that are bold, thick and have a western flare to them. It is hard to describe but it’s a font that you see and automatically think of the wild west. A lot of the western work usually has a lot going on and is not simplistic, but there is still dominance and some sort of focal point. Whether that be a cowboy in most movie posters or a pair or antlers in artwork done by Georgia O’Keeffe. Because of the dominance and typography in western design this usually makes it visually powerful and attractive. I think that it can be noted that western design does not follow the grid pattern suggested by Vignelli due to the fact that not one design is similar, consistent and rarely simple. That is not a bad thing, but it is different from the graphic design that he writes about. Whats most important that all western design has is that it’s semantic. Meaning that, all western design serves some purpose that is to usually attract the viewers to its work of art, book, or movie.

Audio Thoughts

I decided to complete the audio reflection assignment at the end of all my works week so that I had a better idea of what audio storytelling was. At the beginning of the week I was stressing about doing all the audio assignments because I thought they would be so hard and not my cup of tea but at the end of the week, my view has changed on audio storytelling. I had fun with the assignments and thought it was interesting how it works. It was cool to create stories with only sounds, and do thinks like create radio bumpers for ds106 radio. Audio is used in storytelling to set up scenes, it can be used to create tension, lessen tension, show happiness or show sadness. I can’t imagine watching a movie or listening to a song without any audio, it would be so awkward. In horror movies, audio is used specifically to create those scary scenes with the screams, or the ghosts noises or creaks on the floor. It always makes the viewer cringe. A good example that we had to listen to for this week of audio storytelling was Moon Graffiti. This was a sad story, and eye opening. The sounds that were used within this podcast really emphasized this atmosphere and made the story what it was. Even just the way the guy read William Sapphire’s speech  was an example of how audio can create feeling and mood within a story. It’s crazy to think of how different all our worlds would be without the simple tool of audio.