Future ds106 students:

To all future ds106 students:


  1. Don’t let people scare you away by saying that its too much work because in reality its not. Its the same amount of work you would have if you took a MWF class, expect it’s all just due on one day. With that being said..
  2. Don’t wait till Friday to complete all your assignments for the week. Make it your goal to do a little ds106 work everyday and it will seem like nothing by the time Friday roles around
  3. Comment a lot, its part of your grade. Try to make at least one or two comments a day to keep up with participation.
  4. Don’t wait until the end of the week to do your daily creates, keep twitter on your phone and just check it everyday and do the ones you actually want to do!!
  5. Create assignments in the assignment bank. You will be given lots of assignments to do, you don’t like any of the ones there? Create your own. Thats the beauty of this class.
  6. Be Creative
  7. Have fun
  8. And, save all your passwords on your computer. Makes it a lot easier when signing into a thousand different sites!

Overall, I highly recommend this class for anyone who enjoys computers, and doing work from their bed.

Were going on a trip!

Carlee and I have decided to incorporate our characters for this project. At first we couldn’t think of anything to do but after looking at other assignments we came up with the idea to do a cross country road trip. Our road trip will of course start in Fredericksburg, where both our characters are attending school. So far we know we are going to use web as one form of media as well as video and audio. For the fourth one, we are still deciding which one to use. We plan to use google maps to course out are road trip and then create a video with voiceovers describing all the places we plan to visit and why. Cant wait to see all the adventures Bonnie Sue and Agnus go on in this roadtrip!

The Vignelli Canon

Before I read The Vignelli Canon I thought of design solely as things like posters, logos and flyers. After reading through Vignelli, I realized design is so much more. Design is all around us and everywhere in our lives. Design can be posters, flyers but its also the way your house is built, the way your neighborhood was made or even the candle sitting next to your bed. He talks specifically about graphic design, but this reading made me think about the other types of design that there is. Before, I didn’t think a lot went into design. I just assumed someone came up with an idea and then jotted it down on some paper and created that idea. I was wrong, design involves so much. I think the most interesting aspect of design is the way to utilize grids. By using grids you can set up basic structure for anything to make sure that the look is consistent and clean. I also found the three factors of design, semantics, syntactics and pragmatics to be interesting. I never really thought of it in the way that semantics describes, but design should have a purpose and meaning behind it. I feel like I learned a lot from reading the Vignelli Canon and as he states in this reading, “Creativity needs the support of knowledge to be able to perform at its best”.

Radio Show Ideas

I am not the most creative person in the world, and I have a hard time trying to come up with fun and interesting ideas for anything. So I’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes trying to brainstorm ideas for the radio show project and I started to think to myself what I think of when I hear radio show. I think of all the mornings I’d drive to school with my dad and he would listen to guys talk on the radio discussing funny things and he would just laugh along the whole time. So I thought, why not do some sort of talk show like that related to westerns. Maybe have a couple cowboys come on and just have casual conversation and ask questions that the western community would be interested in hearing. They can be serious, related to news, drama going on in town, events happening or even just funny things to keep the audience listening. This could be something westerners could listen to while getting ready for work in the morning or just sitting on the couch drinking coffee. I don’t know, just a thought?